Thursday, 16 July 2015

Holiday VIP Villa with Jacuzzi tub near Rome

Italian Villa la Paiola for TV program

has become the location for the

 Belgian TV show
Belgian TV reality show with Kirsten Janssens & Jan Kriekels "Sky is the limit".

Between exhausting shooting, the protagonists, 
beautiful model and actress 
Kirstel Janssens and her rocker husband  Jan ,
 they cooling off, together with their kids,  
in the swimming pools of Villa la Paiola 
under the azure sky.  

Sky is the limit
in Villa Glicine 
between the Sky & the Lake 

Jan Kriekels and Kirsten Janssens

The kids love to play in the swimming pool, 
Kirsten with her husband prefers Jacuzzi hot tub.
The temperature in Italy  touching 40°C,
 the song of cicadas fills the air,....... 

Info availability Suites with lake view & Jacuzzi
Kirsten Janssens with her rocker husband and children

Kirsten & Jan enjoy of Fitness at Villa La Paiola

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